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"IUET - International University of Entrepreneurship and Technology Association"

IUET - International University of Entrepreneurship and Technology FoundationThe International University of Entrepreneurship and Technology Association (IUET) was founded by high-level representatives of the Swedish system for higher education and research. It operates as a think-tank and vehicle for creating new and pioneering international partnerships and platforms for innovative ventures in research, higher education and learning programmes around the world, focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. It builds on a strong experience among the founders and its management in creative, inspiring and relevant education, research, research education, and policy development and it is meant to serve as a vehicle for spurring new approaches to the learning needs of the societies of the future.

IUET's overall mission serves to improve the quality of education, training and human resource management more broadly. In this, IUET acts as a bridge-builder between different kinds of organisations and perspectives in support of ushering in policies and strategies better adapted to the knowledge-era. Among its initiatives, it serves as the Swedish Partner Institute of the World Economic Forum (WEF) with regard to the circulation and servicing of the annual Executive Opinion Survey. Since 2013, IUET is working closely with Deloitte Sweden to conduct the WEF Annual Survey. The report for 2018 was presented by IUET and Deloitte in Stockholm on 17th October, 2018. The latest edition was developed using a partly new methodology which puts greater weight on economies' readiness to adopt and handle the challenges of the future, social capital, endowment of disruptive businesses and debt concerns, among other indicators.

Learning in the present era is not merely about traditional schooling and university studies. It is essential for all societies to stimulate a holistic approach that spans all stages from early age, across different kinds of institutions, including vocational training and learning in the work place, and throughout life. IUET brings together a strong experience of innovative training and education across countries from around the world. This includes front-end research and educational programmes in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Geographically, IUET puts particular focus on emerging and developing economies, where many players are still entering the education sector for the sake of earning a handsome return out of routine activity run at minimal cost. By contrast, IUET paves the way for ventures that aim to break new ground and which are uniquely tailored to each location. In this task IUET invites collaboration by all relevant stakeholders, including public and private sector, civil society and also student unions and other bodies of student representation.

Since its inception, IUET has been engaged in the development of pioneering training and higher education activities in several emerging economies, including Algeria, Bahrain, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Kenya, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Uganda and Vietnam.